Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I have had a really good day😊First I should explain that my work watch has stopped. I think it just needs a new ,battery but I have had it ages, replaced the battery twice and probably could again but it's so scratched I thought I would have a new one. I was going to buy one from Asda. H said he would buy me one for my birthday ( which is next week ) Well I was expecting a cheapy but guess what? He has bought me an apple sport watch it's fabulous. I chose a silver one with a white strap. We went from the Apple Store to John Lewis where we had a coffee and I bought a bar stool for the kitchen. It's nice, all smokey Perspex and Crome. It's being delivered on Friday. H says I can't have my present till my birthday!!! So I told him the stool is part of his Christmas present and he can't sit on it till Christmas Day. When we got home we had a tomato, ham and lettuce roll with a packet of crisps for lunch, then H rode for an hour on his turbo trainer and when he had finished I went on it for 42 minuites. After my shower I cooked dinner, spaghetti bolognase and stewed apple. Roll on Thursday week. I would have put a photograph of my watch on this page but H has put it back in the box!!! It's work for me tomorrow.

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