Wednesday, 18 November 2015


It was work for me today, I managed to get the washing done and hung out before I left and when I got home H had got it in and it was all nice and dry. I had to pick 30 bunches or beetroot, 96 bunches of carrots and then leeks. I managed to trim 6 boxes before they took me away to wash and pack them. After everything had been washed and packed I had to go back into the field and pick the first sprouts of the season. I picked 2 sacks and spent the rest of the afternoon weeding. When I arrived home I had a letter from the hospital and have an appointment for Fridey, it's regarding my byopsy results, I will be glad to go but it's very short notice. I have a hair appointment for Friday but I will have to cancel it in the morning. I had cucumber sandwiches at work and for dinner tonight we had chicken curry. 

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