Monday, 23 November 2015


Today for my lunch I took tomato and ham sandwiches with mustard on one slice of bread and mayo' on the other. They were really tasty. I had to do 16 bunches of beetroot, 48 bunches of carrots and 6 boxes of leeks. It was all muddy work. One of the men I work with is on holiday this week so it was just Andy and me, we took everything down to wash and pack,then I had to walk to the new rhubarb bed and begin to straw it up. When I left off at 4 I opened the car boot with the remote key but try as I might I couldn't unlock the car. What a nightmare!!!! I rang H and he told me how to unlock it manually but I was unable to do it. Andy, bless him, crawled into the boot, pulled the back seat down and managed to reach the back door handle and open the door. It set the alarm off of course but as soon as I switched the car on it was ok. I was nearly an hour late home and I was frozen through. For dinner we had a chicken and chillie pizza with chips and peas. H says I need a new battery in my key. I took a photo of my feet at work I scraped the mud off one so they could compared.

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