Sunday, 29 November 2015


We both got up together and had our breakfast. We also had a coffee and I did a load of washing but I put it all in the tumble drier because it began to rain. I forgot to say yesterday that I did one of my least favourite jobs. I only do it twice a year. Once in June and again at Christmas time. What is it? It's defrosting the freezer!! It was so frozen up I have now got so much more space I wish I had done it earlier!  This morning I put the marzipan on my cake and it went on really well. I have wrapped 2 more presents and while H was on his bike I wrote out 20 Christmas cards. He did 31 miles at 20 and a half miles an hour. We had a ham and salad sandwich for lunch with a cup of hot chocolate and a mince pie. I have made a cottage pie for dinner tonight, a change from a Sunday roast. Added to the mince is  a fried onion, chopped carrot, diced mushrooms, frozen peas and 2 oxo cubes. For pudding we are having baked apples, H is having custard on his and I am having squirty cream. I hope to wrap a couple more presents as well.

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