Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I had planned to go out on my bike this morning but I was in such pain I decided I couldn't go. H said it didn't matter and rode on his turbo trainer instead. Today is our daughters 49 th birthday so this afternoon we went round to give her her cards and presents. As it is almost Easter I also took all their Easter eggs , so I had 2 huge carrier bags, my iPad (which I wanted our Grandaughter to look at for me ) and my shoulder bag. When we left I put the bags in the boot. They felt heavy and I thought my shoulder bag was in with them. H said, have you got everything, I checked and realised I had left my iPad so I went back for it. When I got  home I unpacked the bags and the reason they were heavy was because of all the chocolate and wine they had given us for Easter. I had left my bag there!! I have a splitting headache a sore leg and a bad back my eczema is itching all over the place, I am feeling really depressed. Even our meal of sausages, egg, fried tomatoes and chips hasn't made me feel any better.

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