Thursday, 24 March 2016


I wasn't looking forward to work today but it turned out to be nice. I took a box of salad for lunch. First I went with the 2 men to pick rhubarb. We had to have 16 boxes. After that they dropped me off at the leeks and I finished them all off. After that I walked to the glasshouse where I filled 15 trays with peat and after I had watered them I put 308 lettuce seeds in each one. I was then joined by one of the men, we filled 6 more trays and sew them with leek seeds. Finally it was 4 more trays for salad leaves. It was then time for me to go home and the day has flown by. My leg is better and my back wasn't as bad today either. We had steak and Guinness pie this evening with mashed potato broccoli and gravy with a slice of gorgeous chocolate orange cheesecake for afters that our daughter brought round for us. I have no more work until next Thursday.

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