Thursday, 14 April 2016


It was work again so I did a load of washing but didn't hang it out because the forecast was for rain. I had toast for my breakfast and took 2 cheese sandwiches with some celery and some plums for my lunch. I was in the greenhouse all day again. First I picked 60 bunches of radishes and then I filled some pots and planted 100 courgette seeds, then I filled 13 trays with peat and spent the rest of the day pricking out celeriac. My cup of tea was waiting for me when I got home and H went up to run me a bath. While he was doing that our daughter rang and we had a nice chat. We had pizza and chips for dinner tonight. I don't have to go to work again till next Thursday so I hope we get a few nice days so we can go out on our bikes.

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