Friday, 22 April 2016


Today I am writing my blog early, it's because I have nothing to do at the moment. First we shopped and then after a coffee we changed and went along the track for a ride. We went to Reepham station for a drink and a plate of cheese straws. I hung out my washing before we left. The round trip was 22.9 miles and took us less than 2 hours, which is ok for off road. As soon as we were home we had an espresso coffee and a biscuit,then I showered and changed ready to go to the Doctors for a blood pressure check. It was high ( as usual ). We came straight back and I got the washing in. For dinner this evening we are having steak and kidney pie with cabbage,carrots,potatoes and gravy. Tomorrow I am going to be doing loads of housework and a bit of baking and then,if it's nice on Sunday I will have another ride on my bike. My son who is in Greece had to go to the Doctor this morning and has found out that he has pneumonia. What a nightmare!! They have given him some medicine so he should soon recover but he won't be able to climb for at least a week. 

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