Sunday, 17 April 2016


Today's weather was disappointing,it began with a heavy frost, our car was white and when I looked at the temperature it was 0 degrees. It was also very windy. I did a load of washing,hung it out and had my slice of toast for breakfast. At 9 we began to get ready to go out on our bikes with our daughter. At around 9.20 she rang to say that her husband had decided to join us,they were on their way but his chain had snapped so they were walking home again. She also said it was horrible out there, windy and cold. So to cut a long story short we decided not to go. H went straight onto his turbo and rode 40 miles. He then put my bike on and I did 2 laps of a short, fairly flat course which turned out to be 13.3 miles. He has left my bike on the trainer so I will do the same tomorrow. We were glad we didn't go out because we had a couple of rain showers. They didn't last long but they were really heavy and on a bike we would have been soaked.we had corned beef sandwiches for lunch and roast chicken for dinner with potatoes, green beans, carrots, batter puddings and gravy. I had fruit for pudding and H had yogurt. Out youngest son was supposed to be flying to Greece today for a climbing holiday but he came down with the flu and is too poorly to fly. I hope he recovers quickly so he can join his friends.

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