Tuesday, 6 October 2015


As I have to go to hospital tomorrow I had to go to work today. It was tomato sandwiches again and I had to start off by picking 55bunches of beetroot and 48 bunches of carrots, it was then coffee break. After break ( 10 .30 ) I had to trim leeks, I did 6 boxes and it was time for lunch. After lunch I was supposed to weed all afternoon but the boss then realised I might not be able to work Thursday if my leg is painful so instead of weeding I picked another 48 bunches of carrots and 30 more beetroot. After that I went to the yard and we washed and packed all the leeks, beet, carrots, turnips and swedes. It all took till home time. I hope I am back on Thursday. We had chops, baked beans, egg and potato wedges for dinner.

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