Wednesday, 21 October 2015

56th wedding anniversary

Work for me in the drizzle, it's strange , the weather was just the same today as it was 56 years ago. My Mum came into my bedroom carrying a tray with dippy eggs, solders and a cup of tea for my wedding breakfast. I can see her now, she looked so conserned and said ' it's raining Jeanie', I said, 
' never mind Mum,' but she said ' yes but what about all the guests hats' !!! Then, when it was time to go to church my Dad took my brothers and Nanny to the church, leaving his car there so he could ferry guests to the Samson and Herculies where the wedding reception was being held. He came back home in the wedding car that had taken my Mum to the church and in we got. I said to Dad ' is Geoff there? ' and he said ' yes but if we don't hurry he is going home again'. Well then the chauffeur crawled all the way to the church and I was so worried that he would be gone. Of course he was still there and still here 56 years later. Our Daughter and son in law sent us a bottle of bubbly round which we have drunk so if there are spelling mistakes, blame them!!!

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